About Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is an organization created by the United States Congress for disabled military veterans of the United States Armed Forces that helps them and their families through various means.
It currently has nearly 1.3 million members.

DAV helps more than one million veterans every year connect with the healthcare, disability, employment, education, and financial benefits they’ve earned. If you’re a veteran or are transitioning out of the military, DAV is here to help you and your family through a lifetime of services and support.

Why Join

Join more than 1 million of your fellow veterans who have joined DAV to take advantage of the wide range of member advantages.

DAV is an organization of veterans helping veterans. We receive no government funding and look out for our members 100% of the time because we have been in their shoes. We are proud of our 90+ year history of helping our country’s veterans, proud of our record of fighting for your rights and proud of working alongside so many other non-profits and advocacy organizations to make sure that we fulfill our promises to the men and women who have served. Most of all, we are proud to serve our country’s veterans as you so steadfastly served us.

Who is Eligible?

Any man or woman:
– Who served in the armed forces during a period of war or under conditions simulating war; AND
– Was wounded, disabled to any degree, or left with long-term illness as a result of military service; AND
– Who has not been dishonorably discharged.

Member Advantages

As a DAV Member, in addition to our programs and free services, you are entitled to Member Advantages, which gives you access to a variety of important programs, products and services. Also included with your membership is a FREE subscription to DAV Magazine.

What does DAV do for you?

  • Helps returning veterans transition back to civilian life by linking them with services that address their physical, emotional, and financial needs.
  • Provides free, professional assistance to veterans of all generations in obtaining VA and other government benefits earned through service.
  • Fights for veterans’ rights on Capitol Hill.
  • Links veterans to job training and job assistance programs.
  • Funds rehabilitation programs for veterans with severe disabilities, such as blindness or amputation

Life Membership is only $300.00 (Yes, Lifetime).

DAV life membership = $300
Veterans age 80 or older = FREE (Don’t wait till your 80)

DAV membership fees are not tax-deductible or refundable.

Start your membership today for as little as $10 a month!

Join DAV Today, help yourself and other Veterans
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